Time to get moving

It's time to get the ball rolling. I've researched Parkinson's Disease inside and out and it's time to apply that to the logistics of the installation.
I've broken down the installation into four phases for the viewer to experience.  Each phase represents a significant stage in the progression of Parkinson's Disease. 

The first phase represents the first stage of Parkinson's, when the patient begins to have tremors and trouble with posture. This is where the viewer begins interacting with the installation. They are presented with a small challenge, that sets slight confusion. 

The second phase represents the progression of the disease, when their symptoms include trouble picking things up, feeling weak and fatigued. During this phase is when they will try to pick up and object and reach for something that appears completely normal, but cannot do either. 

The third phase represents overall mobility, when the disease hits the later stages and the patient can barely walk or complete daily tasks.  This part will challenge their ability to move forward in the installation all together. 

The last phase of the installation will further explain Parkinson's Disease. It will explain
what they just experienced and how it directly represents the challenges patients experience. 

Over the next week, I'll be dedicating time to working on the first two specific phases!