Mentor Needed!

My focus the past two weeks has been finding a mentor! I know a couple people who work closely with people who have Parkinson's Disease. This will be really helpful as I continue to explore the disease and when I'm building the installation to make sure that it accurately portrays the challenges a person with Parkinson's faces everyday. 

A bigger challenge is finding a mentor that has experience in engineering. The most challenging part of the project for me is bringing the objects and experience to life. If anyone knows of anyone who may be helpful to me, I'd love to get in contact with them! 

From the research end of my project, I've made a lot of progress. I've been looking more closely at peoples personal experiences. Parkinson's Disease effects people differently, especially when it comes to progression and the severity of symptoms. I think this is equally as important as understanding the science and logistics of the disease. My installation will closely reflect a personal experience and hold the human element of empathy.