Brain over body or body over brain?

I'm still researching and figuring out exactly what the question is in particular. I've been breaking down Parkinson's disease more closely than I did in the previous post as well as speaking to people who have directly experienced it.
There are five stages of symptoms to having Parkinson's. The first stage typically begins with poor posture, loss of balance, and abnormal facial expressions. Muscularly, the body is still capable of fully functioning, and sometimes it does. When and how frequently these motions become difficult or uncontrolled are completely at random.
We're used to having control over many areas of our life. Simple actions like balancing or smiling are things we usually do subconciously. Imagine not being able to do that. It's not by choice, you just can't. Your body won't hold it's balance, but you don't even realize it. How can I better understand or experience what that's like? At least to me, having no control is pretty scary. 
Maybe I can create an experience through everyday objects and actions that people can come in and try to interact with as they naturally would. When you see something interesting you have the instinct to pick it up and look more closely. But no matter how much you wanted to, your body wouldn't do it. This could portray a small example of what it would be like to have Parkinson's disease.